Wednesday, November 19, 2014

doll, unroll your spirit from this hole
unfold wings springs make this
mind vomit yellow yellow yellow
daisy blue lavender
don't hesitate; fate brings people together
rips them apart some
words needs melodies to proceed
like seal the deal,
heal and
ing is not a good thing baby...over
sensitivities will not break you free
proceed not with this idiocy.

may i remind you
nay, may i remind you?
caring too much is Not a good deed?

soul: someone bitter callous cruel
on top. there is no value
for love, will you
wallow in love when
wallowed-out loves
are enveloped in grief?
reap the benefits of distances to keep
speak nought of ill but drill
patience and kindness, naive happygood words
remain unheard. unheard. unheard.

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