Sunday, April 6, 2008


This ones from May 2005, probably the longest one I've ever done. Again, very doodle-type..utterly random, and inspired by Elizabeth's Bishop's poems 'The Fish', and 'In the Waiting Room.'


The glazed eyes smile at me
from the pictures in my hand.
Eternal traps.
Lips pasted in frighteningly huge smiles
turning to painful grimaces
over the years.
The teeth like a yellowing
string of pearls.

I whip back to the past.
my mind shuffling the fraying pages of
a red plastic phone book I
keep in my head.
A-Z. Names whisper, like
struggling to grip, to catch
in that pink-fleshed brain.
Overwhelimg pain
Of nostalgia.

The images of a
life forgotten
flash past
like a black and white movie
and a single finger pressed discretely on Rewind.
A powerful, stubborn finger.
Feelings i faced, those
conversations I had,
jut out like snatches of an
old forgotten song
from a distant room.
the words jumbled
until the dim tune turns into a
dull throb
Aching. Aching.

Till the fish-hooks catch hold.

The distant door opens.
Commotion numbs me
laughter joys
the sorrows scream in my
head like an
angry mob.
seep within

until comes the realization
from the blue,
You may leave it behind.
It will follow you.